Our Story


Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki, Chief of Brahmakumaris, lived in London for 35 years to return to India in 2007. The inspiration for the Values in Healthcare programme came from Dadiji, who was aware of the low morale and burnout amongst those caring for the sick and needy in UK. She felt that a spiritual approach would enable healthcare professionals to build self-esteem.


The foundation of VIHASA was laid around the turn of the millennium, in the year 2000, when a selected group of healthcare professionals met to explore the issue of low morale in healthcare professionals. Through their experience in general practice, psychiatry, nursing, medical education, complementary therapy, occupational health and organizational consulting, the group members brainstormed to find a way that could encourage healthcare professionals to find meaning and purpose in their work. Together, they developed an educational program ‘VIHASA’ to facilitate the experience of universal values, using a spiritual approach, to address the issues on a personal level and its consequences at an organizational level.

Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach (VIHASA) brings hope to beleaguered healthcare workers by rekindling their early enthusiasm and building self-respect and optimism about the future and preventing burnout by promoting a spiritual model of modern healthcare. The program has since been used in the UK and internationally by individuals involved in the medical and nursing professions, as well as by educational establishments.

Founding Team


Left to right: Sarah Eagger, Anne Kilcoyne, Kala Mistry, Anne Radford, Joy Rendell,
Craig Brown, Arnold Desser, Maureen Goodman (front), Jan Alcoe (back)


The Janki Foundation

The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care is a UK-based health care charity which encourages both research and awareness in the field of spirituality and health. It is dedicated to positive human development and whole-person healthcare: an approach that considers the needs of patients and practitioners at all levels of body, mind and spirit.

A core group of healthcare professionals have written and designed Values in Healthcare by drawing on their personal experience and teaching within their specialties (General Practice, Psychiatry, Nursing, Medical Education, Surgery, Occupational Therapy, Complementary Therapy, and Organisational Consulting).

This approach is a new initiative which has been piloted across the UK and in a number of other countries including India by medical, nursing and educational consultants in last 2 decades.

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About our Team of Facilitators

We are a well trained team of Facilitators in India who volunteer for Medical Wing of Brahmakumaris', Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF) to organize full day programmes that empower Health Care Professionals to prevent burn-out. Healthcare providers should thrive and enjoy their work. Most of our facilitators are medical professionals and nurses. VIHASA team also has other professional members from IT, management and other backgrounds.