• “VIHASA program is very apt for today’s times. We are so busy with technological gadgets that humanity is often ignored. In such times, understanding oneself and balancing the inner state of mind is most essential.

    During the session, I really could do deep analysis of the self and for the first time could experience holistic approach of healing the self.”

    Dr Unmona B Saikia Principal, AINE Guwahati
  • "A Big Thank You to the Janki foundation and the Brahmakumari organisation for holding the 2nd module of VIHASA at Saifee Hospital on 23rd January 2019. Each and every participant thoroughly enjoyed the programme and learnt a lot. It was an eye opener for many participants. I really appreciate all the efforts and hard work by your team. May God bless you all. Looking forward with lots of excitement for the rest of the modules of VIHASA."

    Dr. Muhbeen Shaikh Consultant Radiologist, Saifee Hospital Mumbai
  • “Self-introspection & self-realization is the greatest gift of God. VIHASA Team has very effectively, efficiently & eloquently brought those experiences to us in these 3 days. I could practically see myself in the mirror of my thoughts, find my imperfections & at the same time appreciate my inner positive qualities & goodness.
    Not only was I able to identify my weakness but was able to get rid of them by using the tools of letting go, forgiveness, compassion & mercy. Thanks to the Supreme. Thank you team VIHASA. ”

    Dr Somnath Saha, Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Central Hospital, NF Railways, Guwahati
  • “I have changed a lot after attending just one day program. I thank you all for this.”

    Dr Rupa Jain Saifee Hospital Mumbai
  • VIHASA, an enlightenment!

    Amidst the Aravallis,
    Somewhere in the middle of nowhere,
    There I met a few people, 
    So much self-aware.

    Never would have I ever known about them
    If it was not for a bunch of amazing humans.

    It was an extremely uncertain situation,
    The journey was a spontaneous decision.

    Curiosity, creativity, aspirations, 
    Put into words and actions
    Speaking their hearts out,
    It was only a part.

    Secrets no longer remained so,
    Emotions and thoughts started to flow.
    For this mindboggling experience, 
    Just a day sufficed.

    Those two minutes of silence,
    When ego was tamed down with the conscience.
    And so much positivity in the air,
    That strangers began to care!

    Dr. Dipannita Kaushik Public Health Student Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar, Gujarat